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Vandal-proof 180° hinge with 4-way adjustment
Item No. D00000078 - GBMU4DSHIELD
180° Bolt-on 4D adjustable hinge
Item No. D00000071 - BOLTONHD-4D
3-way adjustable 180° hinge
Item No. D00000076 - GBMU
3-way adjustment hinge
Item No. D00000070 - 3DM
180° hinge set for ascending slopes
Item No. P00008959 - EXCENTRO
Compact, 2-way 90° hinge
Item No. D00000079 - NOSEHINGE-A
Adjustable 90° hinge with bearing
Item No. P00006928 - BEARING HINGE
180° double bearing hinge
Item No. P00006963 - DINO