VENUS - Motorised gate closer for pedestrian gates


The motorised gate closer for pedestrian gates

At your service: the gate closer that is at the beck and call of every pedestrian. One that automatically opens and closes the gate, in comfort and simplicity, in all weathers.

A gate closer with a brushless reversible motor that can withstand any impact from the user. That is specially designed to be used outside, which can be installed as easily as 1-2-3. One that always keeps working in any circumstance. One that guarantees the highest safety and best appearance.

Unlock a true VIP experience for yourself and your customers with VENUS.

More work than time?

The last thing you're waiting for is a complex installation or a phone call for a repair.

VENUS is a gate closer for pedestrian gates to 1.4 m wide that can be installed at lightning speed.

The best thing about it? VENUS continues to operate in all weather conditions (IP54) and is virtually indestructible. No more unexpected interventions in your packed schedule.

Especially for pedestrians

Pedestrian gates are used more intensively and treated differently than large gates. The VENUS brushless reversible motor effortlessly accommodates every human action. Furthermore, the gate will not fully close until all individuals and objects have safely passed through due to the inclusion of integrated obstacle detection.

Compact and robust

All the components, including the revolutionary steel gearbox, motor and motor control, power supply, warning light, and all electronics, are enclosed within a compact aluminium housing. Literally all-in-one.

Protected against tampering

The revolutionary VENUS can take a beating. The motor's high backdrivability protects the electronics against any physical impact. Moreover, the WiFi connection can only be accessed after opening the case with your own key.

The application will guide you through the installation process, providing step-by-step instructions.

Easy and fast

Step 1
Connect the wires.

Step 2
Enter gate width, weight and opening angle and calibrate.

Step 3
Adjust (if desired) suggested power, time and speed.

Franck tells you all about the Venus

The VENUS is completely reversible, so you can never block or break the motor

Together with a lock and keep VENUS provides guaranteed closure.

After the addition of access control, VENUS guarantees a comfortable opening.

VIP treatment

For you

Save work hours

Drill 5 holes and then follow the app's instructions. That's all it is.

You can connect the VENUS to access controls, electric keeps, lights, and other devices thanks to three configurable inputs and outputs.

  The application will guide you through the installation process, providing step-by-step instructions.

Safety included

Thanks to the integrated safety system, no additional sensors are required in the default settings (low energy). Not only does this look sleek, but it also makes VENUS quick to install.


Seasonal changes also leave no trace. There is no need to return to readjust gates in warmer or colder weather.

Indisputable performance from -30°C to 70°C.

No unexpected interventions

VENUS, which is maintenance-free, continues to operate reliably in all weather conditions.  

But sabotage has no effect either. The motor's backdrivability protects the electronics against impatient or rude pedestrians.

Long lifespan

An impatient pedestrian pushing back the gate or just opening it faster? Not a problem!

The VENUS effortlessly takes every punch thanks to its custom-built, brushless motor. This guarantees a longer lifespan compared to the average gate automation system.

Deployable anywhere

Are you looking for a solution to an existing gate or designing a new one? VENUS can do both, thanks in part to its various arms.

Compatibility with access control makes VENUS suitable for any environment. You can install the gate closer just as well at private homes, bike shelters, schools, businesses, and more.

For your customers

VIP access

“After you.”

Someone to open and close the gate for you? This is no longer a five-star privilege. VENUS makes you feel like a VIP wherever you go. From the bike shed to your office or home, all gates (with a VENUS ) open and close for you automatically.

The compact design and seamless finish are pleasing to the eye.

Smooth and quick access

The push-and-go feature ensures that you already activate VENUS with a gentle push. The gate automatically opens on its own and closes automatically afterwards. Handy if your hands are full or can't exert as much force.

Comfort for all

Are you approaching the gate in a wheelchair, pushing a bike or carrying heavy shopping bags? Thanks to the pre determined waiting and closing times set by the installer as desired, the VENUS takes them into account.

Safety above all

Are you still not fast enough? Don't worry. Thanks to its integrated obstacle detection feature, the VENUS will reopen the gate and ensure it is fully closed only when everything and everyone has safely passed through.

Burglars are hopeless

VENUS is installed via a secure WiFi connection. You can only change or manipulate the settings when you open the housing with your key.

In other words, no one touches your VENUS without that key.

Always reliable

A power outage? Then, you can still open and close the gate manually. So you'll never be locked out because of external circumstances.

VENUS is entirely moisture-proof and waterproof.

Even without power, you can open your gate without any problem.

VENUS can withstand intensive use, such as in corporate or apartment buildings.

"This is so easy that any Tom, Dick and Harry can install it."

Rick, Maribi

"Unbelievably smooth operation! Impressive ease of installation and programming. VENUS is unmatched in every aspect."

Dominik, WADAM SP.Z O.O.

"The app guides you step by step through the process of activating VENUS. Clear design and simple operation."

Barry, Masters in Motion

VENUS: ideal for...

Bicycle parking


Public spaces

Private homes



VENUS gate closer


Italian Trulli

VENUS with sliding arm – Silver

Italian Trulli

VENUS with articulated arm – Silver

Italian Trulli

VENUS with compact arm - Silver

Italian Trulli

VENUS with sliding arm – Black

Italian Trulli

VENUS with articulated arm – Black

Italian Trulli

VENUS with compact arm - Black



  • Gate type: Swing gates, reversible left and right
    • Maximum width: 1400 mm
    • Maximum weight: 100 kg
  • Posts: Square - 80 mm
    • 60 mm with adapterplate​​​​​​​
  • Housing: Anodised aluminium
  • Opening angle: up to 175° C
  • Mounting: Quick-fix
  • Arm types:
    • Sliding arm
    • Articulated arm
    • Compact arm for 180° hinges
  • Motor torque: 150 Nm
  • Power supply: 110 - 240V AC, Max 5A
  • Weather conditions: -30° -> +70°C
  • Colour: RAL 9005 or silver
  • Warranty: 2 years
    • 3 years (application registration)
  • Tested: 500K cycles
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