New aluminium and stainless steel pull bars

24 April 2023

The T-shaped pull bars that you traditionally know as decorative bars to open house entry doors now have an elegant and durable alternative for outside use on perimeter protection gates. Locinox has developed pull bars that are suitable for any form of access control, but also neatly combine with magnetic or insert locks.

There are two versions that can be easily attached to any gate using 2 QUICK-FIX fixation bolts:

BAR-A is the 365mm long black anodized aluminium version with either straight (00°)or 60° angled brackets.

More information on the BAR-A product page

BAR-I is the 450mm long stainless steel (316) version that has three possible designs. Depending on the preference, BAR-I can be installed with straight (00°), 60° or 90° brackets.

Check out the BAR-I product page

Both the stainless steel (316) as the anodized aluminium version were specifically designed for long-term outdoor use. They are resistant to any and all weather conditions, corrosion and dust, and add a luxurious finishing touch to your upgraded perimeter.

These bars are also compatible with 3025-HYB- or 3025-HYB-BLIND-, the aluminium anodized cover plates for the handle holes and cylinders of Locinox insert locks.