VENUS - Innovative motorised gate closer

25 April 2024

Waregem, April 25 - Locinox, developer of gate fittings, gate closers and access control for the fencing industry, announces the launch of VENUS, an advanced motorised gate closer for pedestrian gates.

A VIP experience for installers

motorised gate closer

Locinox is expanding the range of a dozen hydraulic gate closers to include a motorised variant. The VENUS offers gate manufacturers, installers and end users a versatile, reliable and user-friendly solution for pedestrian gates.

The all-weather VENUS has been developed to meet the specific needs of pedestrian gates up to 1.4 m wide. The brushless reversible motor protects the gate closer – and all integrated electronics – against the unpredictable behaviour of pedestrians and any physical force they might use.

Ease of Installation and Safety

To provide a solution for different gate situations, Locinox is also adding three arms and a number of installation accessories to the VENUS range. The installer only needs to drill five holes. A user-friendly application gives step by step guidance through the programming. Installer Rick van Maribi confirmed the speed and simplicity of the installation: “This is so easy that any Joe can install it.”

The gate closer is equipped with a brushless reversible motor that responds smoothly to human interaction. The integrated obstacle detection ensures that the gate closes safely and even takes into account any reduced mobility of pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

The gate closer adds value to gate security and should therefore be combined with a locking mechanism such as a lock with a lock keep.

motorised gate closer

Application possibilities and user-friendliness

VENUS is versatile and suitable for a range of environments. When combined with access control, the gate closer also works as a low-energy gate opener that in many cases does not require additional security sensors.

End users enjoy easy access with the push-and-go function, where a gentle push is sufficient to activate the gate. VENUS automatically opens further and closes safely, taking into account the waiting and closing times set by the installer.

More information about the VENUS can be found here.

About Locinox

Locinox is an international trendsetting company developing and manufacturing hardware for the fence, gate and access control industry. Our vision is to fit every high-quality fence gate with at least one Locinox component. Our expertise focuses on gate hardware for outdoor use. That niche market may not be big, but we want to be the international number one. At the moment we adopt a pioneering role which we would like to maintain and further expand. This is why we continue to invest and be dedicated to this market.